Web Maintenance Lahore Pakistan


The maintenance and updating of content your website will be carried out by a webmaster, WordPress CMS specialist or any other site in pure HTML / CSS. The SEO has no secrets for him.

  • The content of your website is outdated for a long time!
  • You have bugs!
  • Your site has been attacked!
  • You have changes to make emergency!
  • You did something wrong on your admin interface!
  • Your site is poorly referenced, no contact you!
  • Your site has links that lead nowhere! etc ...

Exactwebs , specialist website maintenance offers to take over the maintenance of your website in Pakistan. Check out websites that customers trust us in the maintenance of their websites.

Website Maintenance & Support

Our service website maintenance update:

  • A technician assigned webmaster available by phone or email.
  • A reactive maintenance on your website, the majority of cases are handled within 24 hours.
  • With Exactwebs , things are simple, because we take care of everything you want and nothing else.
  • Update your content according to your instructions (changing pages, text, add links, Facebook, tweeter or other).
  • Backup your data.
  • Data recovery in case of a crash of your site.
  • Online fitness site after an attack.
  • Strengthening security.
  • Improved SEO (an effective website is a website which is easy).
  • Evolution of your website.
  • Update and updated websites (WordPress or any other CMS).
  • Advice and answers to various questions.
  • Working with Website Maintenance Exactwebs , your maintenance webmaster will know your website on the fingertips and can quickly respond to a web service .