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A responsive website for your business

When web design standards change, our sites are the same. There is no secret. To create successful websites , we must stay on top. We must make every effort not only to comply with the latest web design standards, but also to ensure that our websites are tailored to the public that will visit them. That's why today we talk about responsive web site.

What is a responsive website?

The responsive web design is the responsive web design, ie adaptive. It is a term that has recently reached a wide audience thanks to recent changes announced by Google, and known to #mobilegeddon, through social media. Essentially, responsive web design means that a website responds to its environment. For example in the device on which it is displayed and the screen size. A responsive website provides mobile users the ease of use of an application in their browser, displaying alternative navigation menus tailored to their device.

A responsive website adapts by detecting the size of your browser / screen and a change of style. Thus, it ensures that its design is the best possible. Then the content fits entirely within specific limits, the style of some elements can be completely changed.

Why does your business site to be a responsive website?

If you want to target the largest possible audience via your website, then you need a responsive website . The changes announced by Google means that now the non-responsives websites are penalized if the user performs its search from a mobile device. Thousands of companies have found their falls in traffic due to the release of their website to the first page to page 8 sometimes ... As over 95% of all clicks are occurring on the first page Google results, it is necessarily critical.

It has become essential for any business promoting his website to optimize it so that it works on multiple device types. If customers are sailing on the fly using their phones or their tablets, they expect a friendly experience. If they do not get it, or if the site layout is confusing, they are likely to change creamery.