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The colors of the web in 2024

What will be the colors of the web in 2024?

The colors of the web evolve every year as in fashion and in interior decoration. Also, it is important for some companies to follow these new trends and adapt when communicating on the web! What will be the colors of the web for the year 2024?

The colors of the web: trends 2024

The experts in fashion, design, communication, have released their forecasts for the colors of 2024 and this would be the year of audacity and contrasts.

Thus, the trend of colors would in fact be a continuity of 2016 with created atmospheres mixing vitality, relaxation and great spaces. These brilliant and lively colors recall nature and what it offers us: water, earth, flora ....

The color guide for 2024 has just been published by Pantone Color Institute. This guide is the result of collaborative work between New York Fashion Week and the Pantone Fashion Coor .

In fashion and of course in the web, 10 hues will be trends for 2024:


Pantone Color Institute

  • The gray blue Niagara evokes desire, relaxation, comfort and reliability.
  • Yellow Primrose Yellow creates warmth, vitality, enthusiasm, good humor and remember the energy of the sun.
  • The blue of Lapis Blue inspires confidence and strength.
  • Orange Flame is red base. This color is flamboyant and vivacious.
  • The blue sky Island Paradise is synonymous with invasion and relaxation.
  • Pink Pale Dogwood is soothing and inspiring innocence and purity.
  • Green Greenery reminds greenery, exploration and oxygen.
  • The fuchsia pink Pink Yarrow is a captivating color, stimulating and festive.
  • Green Kale suggests a healthy lifestyle and the great outdoors.
  • The color of hazelnut Hazelnut reminds nature, the earth and what is a transitional color.

On the web, the use of these colors and the shades of colors allows even more immerse the user in a stimulating or soothing universe, optimizing the user experience .

How to track color trends?

For all companies targeting a trend-sensitive target, the ideal is to be in the "trend" using the colors of the moment.

To do this, if you have a web graphic charter and want to follow the trend of colors for 2024, you can also incorporate new trends in terms of Web design.

Also, if you want to create or revise the graphic design of your website:

Do not forget to ensure that all your web and print communication media are consistent!

  • Choose a dominant color present in your logo and logically on all your other communication supports,
  • Choose to complete this dominant color one or even two colors taking into account the trends of 2024,
  • Create your color palette (RGB or RGB, CMYK and CMYK, HTML) .

You can also take the opportunity to meet the requirements of Material Design is a design trend allowed to continue on 2024. Remember also to optimize the user experience of your website for all devices (PC, Smartphone, Tablet) .

To conclude,

In your corporate communication, the colors used are symbolic, they stimulate the imagination and can even provoke the desire to buy. Contrary to popular belief, color is not just a story of taste.

Color is stronger than language