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Social Media & SMEs: 5 ways to use them

Of Social Media for SMEs and TPE, is it serious?

1 - Creating a community through social media

Social media enable companies to do many things, including the promotion of services and products, to have a voice, but the biggest advantage is that it allows companies to build a community. This will be closer to key customers, to study what improvements can be made ​​to the products and / or services. They may also deepen customer relationships on the human and social level.

2. Geographical Expansion of Business

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube drain global public, and therefore inevitably a public throughout France and across your area. SMEs have already taken a global using these platforms. These are not necessarily all appropriate for your business. It depends on what works for you and especially if your target market is using or not these platforms. In any case, they allow to reach a much wider audience than traditional methods.

3. Monitoring social media

Monitoring tools use Analytics to measure consumer sentiment from data collected on social sites. They provide needed perspectives to improve customer engagement, make marketing decisions , and link efforts on social media with the general policy of your company.

4 - Your Brand Reputation Online & opportunity identification

Statistics show that consumers largely base their purchasing decisions on the opinions, comments and recommendations of people in their circles (and even outside). You engage with consumers in this way can help to refute the negative comments, find out the real needs of customers not satisfied, and potentially help convert prospects into customers .

5 - Social media stimulate the web site traffic

Used by small businesses as a way to strengthen measurably customer relationships, to expand geographically and increase their offer, social media is now an essential ingredient to drive innovation and increase advantage competitive.